Welcome to The Veg Patch People, the UK's first specialist provider of ready-to-grow vegetable gardens and plots.

Whether you want a full-size kitchen garden, an allotment, or just a patio planter, we’ll design and build it for you, whatever the size or state of your land. We can even make you a productive window box or an edible flowerbed. And, if you need it, we’ll provide a planting scheme, advise on crop rotation and supply all the plants and seeds you need to grow your own fruit and vegetables. We build to the highest standards, using environmentally sustainable materials sourced from local suppliers.

When your garden is up and running, we can maintain it on a basis that suits you. Whether you want an annual check-up, weekly weeding, or someone to water it while you’re on holiday, we’ll do it. We’re always at the end of the phone, so if you want to know what to plant next, or how to see off slugs, you can just give us a call.

Once you've tasted your delicious, homegrown vegetables you'll never want shop-bought ones again. And, once you’ve hired The Veg Patch People, you’ll wonder why never did it sooner.

Call us for a no obligation chat or quote on 07860 418895, or email us at And click here to find out about our sister company Veggies for Venues (V4V).